Friday, December 10, 2010

Personal Post

Thankfully, Dad seems to have suffered no more pain episodes. We have an appointment next week to see the surgeon again, but the caregiver tells me everything is healing up. I went to see Dad again on Friday last week to check on him but also to make sure he had been given his pain meds.
A trusted friend of mine suggested that one of the reasons the caregiver hadn't given him the oxycodone was because he stole it. Trust me when I say this was not a reassuring thought! This was not something that had occurred to me but I had to acknowledge that it definitely happens. I found it hard to believe that the caregiver, who I had no reason not to trust and who seems to really care for Dad and have his best interests at heart, would do something so nefarious. But you hear stories all the time about dishonest caregivers and bad adult family homes. It just opened up all my fears again and guilt and doubts about having put Dad in the right place.
Its so hard to know who to trust, but I just can't be there 24 hours a day. Few people can. At some point, you have to trust you've picked a good person and a good place and rely on faith. While at the same time making a few surprise visits to make sure everything is going okay.

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