Sunday, December 26, 2010

Pain Meds.

Dad's caregiver called the other day. He swore the night we took Dad to the ER that something else was wrong, that for a while something wasn't right in the area. Since the surgeon's visit when he learned he'd been vindicated about the hernias, he's been on the phone.
So now he's got the bit between his teeth and he's calling me to keep me posted on Dad's physical state and that he seemed to be in pain when they were cleaning the area. Apparently, Dad told them to leave him alone, which is unlike Dad as he's been getting more and more nonverbal. Personally, I'm not convinced that its the hernias giving him trouble. I think he might be sick of people poking him and changing dressings and stuff!
The caregiver wanted me to hurry up and schedule the surgery so that nothing would go wrong and Dad could be out of discomfort.
At the time of our conversation, I was suffering from a migraine, and also trying to finish up last minute Xmas stuff, so wasn't really in the mood to deal with him. I told him I'd get in touch with the surgeon as soon as possible, and hung up quickly.

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