Sunday, December 12, 2010

Cookies and cars.

I took my partner to see Dad on Monday and to drop off some xmas cookies and blankets. Dad was sitting quietly in the living room of his house. We gave his caregiver the tin of cookies, explaining that the peanut-butter ones with the chocolate on top were his favorite, ones my Mother used to make for him.
My partner and I sat with Dad for a little while, and my partner, who can engage and talk to anyone, began chatting to Dad about cars and engines and the Corvettes and Corvairs my Dad used to own. I was watching Dad's eyes, which at first were flat and unfocused. But as my partner talked about engines I saw Dad's eyes literally come into focus and I felt like he was really LOOKING at us. I thought it was funny that it took a discussion about car engines to bring him back from whatever quiet world he inhabits now.
I also feel like there was a little recognition for me, as I sat there with him, talking to him. I felt his eyes focus on me, just a little, and an expression came onto his face that I recognized. It was humor, and just the glimmer of an idea that I was connected to him. Whatever was going on, whatever he was thinking or feeling, recognition or not, it was lovely to see him engage for just a little bit.
I should have known it would take something car-related to make it happen.

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