Friday, July 2, 2010

Personal Post

I'm so excited to suddenly see followers and people commenting. Bring it on, I love telling people my experiences and hearing theirs. If I can help in any way, I'll answer any questions. I'm still trying to get representation for my book; an agent was really interested but in the end turned it down so I'll keep trying! Thanks so much for reading, send me your info and I'll check out your blogs as well!


  1. I'm definitely leaning that way and will probably start investigating how to do that! How are you doing?

  2. Hello Joy,
    Thanks for the resources on your blog, I am going to check out a few of the ALZ sites you hve listed. I found you and others through "had a dad alzheimers" blog...Gevera has been a great resource also. We (my hubby and I and our 5 children) live in WA also and care for my grandparents in our home. My grandmother (Gigi) suffers from late stage ALZ and my grandfather (Papa) is wheelchair bound. We are thankful for any and all information/training we can find! Blessings to you as you care for your Dad.


  3. Thank you so much for your lovely comments, I'm glad I can be of some help. If there's anything else I can do or questions I can answer, I'm always available! So sorry to hear about your parents, be strong!