Monday, July 26, 2010

Personal Post

To all the new lovely people reading my blog: I originally started it primarily to support a book I was trying to publish. I posted excerpts from the book for a long time, so I encourage you to go back and read some of the first posts if you'd like a taste of the book! I might re-post some of my favorite excerpts, as well. I'm still working on getting it published so I hope to be able to announce soon on the blog that its coming out! Until then I love and welcome your comments, advice, links, and everything else. Keep reading!


  1. Hi Joy! How are you? You blog is fantastic! I tried to find the excerpts for you book, but I can't seem to find them. Any suggestions?



  2. Leslie! So good to hear from you; how are the babies? You'll have to go back pretty far to find the excerpts, but I'm going to start posting some again. Thanks for checking me out!