Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Part III

I ended up calling the employer of our aide and explaining the situation, asking that he not visit until the situation had been resolved. They were great, and when they called him into a meeting, he admitted to some wrongdoing, but he also accused the house of not taking care of Dad as well if he wasn't there, etc., etc. He eventually called me and explained his side of the story, apologizing, but also going into a diatribe about Adult Family Homes and how they had lied about him somewhat. I told him how much we appreciated him, that I was sure the truth was somewhere in the middle, and that eventually he would be allowed to see Dad again. I believe he was somewhat mollified. And the owner of the AFH gets complete control of Dad now, in a good way, but in exactly the way I suspect he wanted. I'll keep letting him think that and only rattle his cage occasionally. Its just amazing to me the twists and turns this whole process has taken, and the drama that still surrounds my father, demented and ill as he is.


  1. Sorry to hear that your dad is living in so much drama when he's not well.

    My mom is still living home with me, it's really hard. The hardest decision for me is to let her go and move her to a home.

    How did you move your dad? Was he mad?

  2. I moved my Dad to Assisted Living when he was a lot more lucid and he was mad, he never stopped saying it was a prison, but he got used to it. I think part of him was relieved that he was in a place where he was taken care of. I packed up his stuff when he was out of his house, moved it over to the facility and then had his caregiver bring him over. I moved him just recently to the adult family home and he seems to have settled in just fine. I felt a little guilty but I knew it was a better situation for him-and for me! Having your mom at home with you is a big challenge, good for you but take care of yourself!