Thursday, October 29, 2009

Personal Post

I am on call for my Dad 24-7. Any time there is a problem, I am the first person they call. When he got angry and threw a punch at a nurse six months ago, I got the call as the police were bundling him into the ambulance and taking him to the hospital. Whenever he's not feeling well or there's a problem at the facility, I hear about it. This is all just the way it is, I'm fine with it; in fact I signed up for it. Occasionally I actually think about it, though, and it strikes me as interesting. It's too bad I couldn't be on call for something interesting like a rock star or something! I'm also the one who has to deal with the personnel at his facility and sometimes they make me very irritated. I know that they have other patients to deal with, but its not like there are more than 20 or 25. I know that they don't sit around all day dealing with only my Dad's and my problems. But I have to admit that they seem to let stuff slide that they shouldn't, and they conveniently seem to forget simple things I've asked them to do, events they should notify me about. For the kind of money we're paying, it seems like these little glitches shouldn't happen. However, I am also grateful for the care they do give him, and the fact that we're able to keep him in such a good place. I guess no situation will ever be perfect, short of him being well and taking care of himself; something I wish every day was the reality.

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