Monday, May 5, 2014

Ten Plus Years of Caregiving!

As I've been writing my second book, a combination memoir/caregiving how-to (because there aren't nearly enough of those out there in the world) I realized that I've been a caregiver now for over ten years! Dad's life and mine intersected in 2003 and I moved in with him as his caregiver in April, 2004. I can't believe how quickly ten years have gone by, nor can I believe how much has happened in that time.

The crazy thing is, that my journey with Dad is not yet done. We are in lull-space, as I call it, watching Dad get more and more frail and waiting for the inevitable end, which, for his sake, I hope will be peaceful and easy, but, considering weirdness from the past, is more likely to be odd and drawn-out. This is my breathing room, I guess, but it has also given me the time and space to start helping as many other caregivers as I can, which I am grateful for.

So, I've decided to rename the blog, given that so much has happened since it's start, and the fact that my caregiving journey encompasses so much more now. I think the new name reflects better where I am and what I'm doing, and what an honor and a pleasure it is to be continuing this work. I hope you like the changes, and that you keep on reading (although I'm kind of hoping its not for another ten years!)

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