Friday, May 16, 2014

New Friends!

I was contacted the other day through my website by Corey Ozar and his sister, Sofia, who have recently created a new social network for caregivers. Called Carepond, it seems to be a little like for caregivers, although more about support and fellowship than dating! Here is a snippet from their press release:

"Caregivers are looking for information and support. CarePond seeks to provide both of those things through a variety of unique mediums:
• A question & answer forum offers reliable, honest, and practical advice from other caregivers and caregiving professionals, sorted by various topics that are easy to browse.
• Private messaging or group chats allow users to speak with other caregivers in real-time. Users can share their personal experiences with one another in a supportive environment with others who understand what they are going through.
• User matching algorithm is able to match caregivers with one another along a variety of dimensions, including location, relationship to caregiver, and primary condition of the care recipient. Users are able to find and connect with other caregivers around the globe in situations similar to their own."
I've signed up and checked it out and I like it! Their concept is simple, fresh and a great way to exchange information and stories. I urge you to check it out, as well.

I was also contacted by a fellow blogger who invited me to post a link to her unique blog, on which she posts solely through poetry. I've written a few poems in my day (and if you saw them, you'd know why I switched to non-fiction and blogging!) and I have to say I'm impressed with her skill.
I invite you to go and appreciate them, too!

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