Monday, May 19, 2014

More Stressful?

Another great, if a little repetitive, article about family caregiving and the fact that the need for it will only grow. It opines that caring for a spouse is more stressful than caring for a parent. Certainly, caring for a spouse has it's own special stressors and issues, like the fact that you used to have a partnered, loving relationship with that person. However, as a caregiver for a parent, I can say that I have had my stressful moments!

Most of us have seen this information and these statistics in other articles, but I can't complain if the message keeps getting repeated. The more times we see the stark reality that Medicare does not cover long term care, the better. There are still too many people who believe that it will. Acting now to plan for the future, whatever that might be, is essential.

Our country is not prepared for the increase in caregivers that will be needed and our legislature needs to continue to look at laws that will help families care for their loved ones with care and dignity.

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