Thursday, January 14, 2010

Personal Post

We viewed several Adult Family Homes this week, and I have to say I'm fairly amazed at the variety of places out there. The one we viewed last week was in a smallish, older ranch-style house. It was a little dingy, a little run down and worn around the edges. One of the ones we saw this week, however, was brand new. It had no furniture OR residents; our Dad would have been the very first. This place was even one step up from a McMansion; it was ginormous! It squatted, gleaming and ugly, amongst the smaller, dingier, ranch-style 60's houses surrounding it. Dark, polished wood floors, twenty foot ceilings, huge Grecian columns, trendy black granite countertops in the kitchen. Striking certainly, but in no way homey. The second, run by a lovely Romanian couple, was like something out of My Big Fat Greek Wedding; flowered carpeting, chandeliers, knick-knacks, window treatments, swags of material. It was opulent, yet oh-so-slightly tacky. They had built it recently from the ground up and were immensely proud of it, as they should be, considering they were immigrants to this country.

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