Monday, January 11, 2010

Personal Post

I finally called a placement coordinator, a specialist who knows a lot of the family homes and assisted living facilities in the area. She took all of Dad's information and all the elements we were looking for, went to visit him at his current location and look at his chart, and then she's going to compile a list of places for us to visit. We're going on Tuesday, and its going to be a long day. She said to put aside 4-6 hours, which reminds me of the last time I went looking for a house with a real estate agent! I guess that's essentially what we're doing. When we pick a place, that place then pays the coordinator a commission, which I guess is better than us having to do it! I really hope this pays off; I feel like I need to get Dad settled(again) before getting on with some of the other things I want to do, like hospice work and getting this darn thing published!

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