Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Personal Post

I took Dad to the doctor again yesterday. The nurses at his facility were concerned because he seemed more confused and fatigued and they thought he had a bladder infection or something. It seemed to me that these are just symptoms of his illness, but I took him in anyway. His doctor is great, she always talks to him directly and she's very understanding of his beliefs. He mumbles a lot now and seems to doze and drift. She asked him his daughter's name (I was sitting next to him), and he thought for a while, then said my sister's name. Its been a while since he's said my name. I know that's just what's going to happen, but its still a little hard. We saw a trace of the old Dad when the doctor asked him to walk down the hall so she could watch him walk. When she told him to turn around and walk back, he grinned and offered to walk back sideways as he started to do just that. Sometimes I think its just a matter of breaking through the haze of the dementia and the meds to find him again.

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