Saturday, August 22, 2009

Assisted Living

The term Assisted Living is a marketing tool, no doubt, designed to replace the more obvious and horrifying term, Nursing Home. These facilities ease seniors through the final stages of their lives, from independence to dependence and on to death. Most are comfortable, respectful facilities where active seniors can rely on others to do chores and cooking, while they enjoy activities and social lives. Many facilities set aside whole wings or buildings devoted solely to Alzheimer’s patients, providing secure accommodations, activities and care to support the declining minds of their residents. I found the names of these areas amusing. No one came out and called it an Alzheimer’s or Dementia wing. I could picture the marketing meeting on that issue.
“How can we refer to Alzheimer’s symptoms, without actually referencing them?” Coming from the CEO.
“How about Nostalgic Memories? Or, Remembrances Past?”
“Remembrances Past! That’s perfect. Use that.”
Apparently no one wanted to imagine his or her relatives living in lock down. Euphemisms were so much more comfortable.

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