Monday, November 29, 2010

Why is it always the holidays? 2

My partner and I made it to the airport, although it was pretty tough going due to the ice and snow. About to embark on the plane, I get a call from Dad's caregiver that the doctor had been unable to make it in due to the weather, but had prescribed antibiotics. This would be the first phone call of many during my trip.
The next I heard, taking the phone call in the my hostesses back room was that Dad had been to the doctor, who had sent him to the ER, she was so concerned about the infection. I was puzzled that a doctor would send him to another doctor, but how do I know? So Dad and his caregiver were at the ER, unsure whether Dad would have to be admitted. The day before Thanksgiving! I decided it was time to get some feet on the ground, so to speak. I called my sister. TBC

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