Monday, November 8, 2010

New Chair

I got a call from Dad's caregiver the other day. Apparently, Dad's lounge chair was broken and old and the caregiver wanted to get him another chair. One of his residents had a chair that she had used for a month but she was now in a nursing home and wasn't using it. He described the chair as being a great deal, then he put the woman's daughter on the phone and we chatted for a little while on the phone. She described the chair, a Lazy-Boy designed for geriatric use with a massage function and a heater inside. She offered the chair to me for $400. I was a little taken aback at the rapidity of the transaction and told her it sounded great but that I would make time to come see the chair and decide then.
After she put the caregiver back on the phone, I couldn't help but be a little upset at how I perceived this was being pushed on me, and I'm sure my voice was a little firm when I asked if this was really something Dad needed right now. But then he said something that stopped me in my tracks. He said that certainly, Dad's old chair could function for a little while adequately, but that he was looking ahead to the future when Dad would most likely be spending more time in the chair and might need the special features it offered. This, of course, was something that should have occurred to me but just doesn't. I'm very lucky to have someone there who IS thinking these things and has more experience. A little subdued, I told him I would come look at the chair and let him know, but I probably will buy it. It just brought home to me once again that this process has only one ending, and we're moving toward that ending more and more quickly.

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