Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Personal Post

What is it about siblings? I can't be the only person who struggles with siblings that don't help out with parents as much as they should. From the beginning, I have been more responsible for my father than my sibling, and that's kind of the way I always knew it would be. Growing up, my father and my sibling had a difficult relationship, whereas my Dad and I got along a little better.
For years now, I've been paid to handle Dad's affairs and be on 24-hour call. It's a responsibility I took on willingly. But sometimes I get a little tired of being the one in charge, being responsible. I don't get that many calls, however, even when I go on vacation, I always have my phone with me, knowing that I might have to deal with some emergency. And there has been the occasional problem, although never terribly serious. However, my sibling goes on vacation and never worries about Dad, never asks how he is or whether I'm going to be taking care of things. Again, I realize I'm getting paid and I realize I've taken on the responsibility willingly. But sometimes I get a little angry and wish my sibling was a little more involved.
I often talk to other people dealing with a parent who is ill or has dementia like my Dad, and the number of people who have at least one AWOL sibling is striking. It's a family dynamic that seems incredibly common-and that's very sad.

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