Sunday, September 20, 2009

Personal Post

After our visit, as Del was helping Dad get dressed again, the doctor pulled me aside. She asked me if I would be surprised if someone told me my Dad might die within a month. A few months ago, I would have been surprised, but after all the health issues he's had recently, now I'm not so sure. Its a very strange thought since he has been so robustly healthy, that I was sure he'd fight it out for years. But maybe not. She suggested I might want to start talking to the hospice or pre-hospice people about starting to visit Dad occasionally. I love Dad's doctor; she really understands his beliefs and what he wants, and what we all want for him, which is no intrusive measures and a good quality of life. And a good death. Like I said, its a very strange thought to start thinking about hospice. I definitely want to bring them in, though, to send a clear message to the facility that we want Dad to die peacefully and with dignity whenever its time to go. I always knew this time would come, but somehow I find it odd that it finally has.

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