Sunday, August 30, 2009

Personal Post

Well, I'm still sending out query letters. The second agent declined me in a very nice letter. My hopes are still high, there are a lot of agents out there and I'm confident I'll find the right one. The Alzheimer's Memory walk is coming up in September and I'm considering putting a team together, although it might be a little too late. I read an interesting new article comparing how teenagers brains work in comparison to people with Alzheimer's disease. It looks like an important chemical reaction in the brain that turns on and off normally gets stuck open with Alzheimer's. I think its just a little comforting that so much research is being dedicated to the disease. I know I have fears about getting it early like my Dad did, although I'm sure there were other factors involved like his depression, anti-social attitude, and the death of my mother. Every time I forget a word now, I worry that something is going wrong in my brain. Between the breast cancer that my mom died of and the dementia of my father, I feel sometimes like I have two strikes against me. Courage to me, though, is getting up out of bed the next day and starting again.

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