Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Cleaning the Shop Part II

Leslie ran her hand along the rough, olive- green surface of the plane chassis nearest her. “I don’t even recognize this. What kind of plane is it?” she asked. I pointed to the panorama of pictures pasted on pieces of cardboard that adorned the wall above a work-table.
“It’s called a Veri-Eeze. What is known as an experimental aircraft.” I said as we studied the pictures. The photos were of glossy, petite, finished planes all with the Veri-Eeze’s unique structure of a small body, long center wing, and smaller wing bisecting the nose of the aircraft, which then ended in a propellor.
“Wait, is that you?” Leslie crowed, pointing at an older photo, bent at the edges. The picture showed a very young Big Sister and I, standing in front of one of the oddly-shaped planes. I am little enough to fit under the big main wing, and I am wearing shorts and a grubby t-shirt. Big Sister is taller, her head reaching above the wing, and she is dressed in shorts and t-shirt as well. We are both smiling at the camera, but our faces also reflect the fatigue of a great deal of walking and looking at the very planes we stand in front of.
“Yep, that’s me.” I sighed. “You’re looking at the birthplace of the experimental aircraft, and the bane of our existence; the EAA convention in Wisconsin.”


  1. Wow! The birthplace of an experimental aircraft!

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