Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Things to Do, People to See.

Well, it's Summer in Seattle again (no, really, check the calendar) and as I was driving over to see Dad, I started thinking about all the fun things I love to do in the Summer; like walking at the lake, being in my garden, taking picnics to the park, watching outdoor movies, taking road trips, and going to car shows and craft shows. Dad used to love summer, primarily because he loved to swim in Lake Washington, but also because we took our annual family trip, and occasionally did other fun stuff outside.

Dad doesn't go out now, but I was remembering back to when I lived with him and we would go out and about on a sunny, summer's day. We spent time walking around the lake, of course, especially Green Lake in Seattle and Gene Coulon park in Renton. We also went roller-blading a couple of times and I rented bikes for us. We would find restaurants with patios and eat our lunch outside in the fresh air, and walk around some of the nicer, open-air shopping centers in our area. We went to State parks that weren't too far away, like Mount Rainier. We also did our usual year-round activities like the Museum of Flight, one or two of the other museums in the city, and the mall.

I look back on these good memories and it makes me happy. One of the things we both liked the best was the people watching - since we were both inveterate people watchers. Summer in Seattle is great for that because everyone comes out, after a Winter of drizzle and gray. We would park ourselves at Starbuck's at the park, he with his favorite root beer, me with a lemonade, and enjoy the show. I'm sorry that he can no longer go out with me, especially since my husband and I like going to classic car shows, which he loved!

But it made me think about caregivers, of course, and what they could do with their care receivers, since both people are probably tired of being cooped up inside. So here are a few suggestions, some for the Seattle area, and some just in general. Depending on where your care receiver is in their disease process, some of these may not work.Whatever you do, I hope you all have a lovely Summer!

  • Museum of Flight
  • Seattle Art Museum
  • The Frye Art Museum and their programs for Alzheimer's patients and caregivers
  • Pike Place Market (another favorite for Dad)
  • Green Lake park, Gene Coulon park, Gasworks park
  • Electric boat rentals on Lake Union
  • Many car shows, craft and art shows, and neighborhood festivals
  • Alzheimer's cafe's in the area - please check the blog, there are more and more around.
  • Ivar's on the waterfront
  • University Village
In General
  • Museums in your area
  • Local festivals, shows, and fairs
  • Senior center activities
  • Alzheimer's cafe's
  • Local and State parks
  • Mini golf or other small course
  • shopping malls and outdoor shopping centers
  • any local tourist attraction can be fun - rediscover your city!
  • lunch on a restaurant patio
  • local off-leash dog parks (Dad loved this!)
  • swimming at the local pool
  • sitting outside, enjoying the sun and fresh air


  1. We take MIL to West End musicals - she loves the music (especially Les Mis), so is quiet as a mouse and enables us to retain our energy for a nice meal out afterwards!