Thursday, April 18, 2013

Staying Connected.

A few weeks ago, a relatively new website based in the UK called Practical Alzheimer's, contacted me and asked me to write an article for their site.  Their theme for the month of April was Out and About, ranging in subject from the practical - learning to take advantage of cabs - to the personal - how hard it can be to take the car keys from your loved one.

I chose to write about the importance of keeping one's loved one engaged and connected with the greater world, even though they have dementia, including places and activities to go and do so that both carer and caree feel they haven't disappeared.  I shared some examples of the things that Dad and I used to do together, and how I felt it improved Dad's outlook and health to still feel connected.

Staying connected, to each other and the world, is such an important thing for we caregivers to do, and I'm so glad I had the chance to connect up with another group doing the important work of spreading the word about dementia and caregiving.  I've gone International!

I encourage readers to visit the website, linked below - they have a lot of great information - including (modestly) my article!

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