Monday, August 6, 2012

What an Honor!!

I've just been named as one of's 26 Best Blogs of 2012!! I am SO honored, what a great way to be recognized. My goal has always been to share information, empathy, and comfort with other people in a similar situation, especially caregivers, and I'm so pleased to have done that in a small way. Thank you to everyone who visits, reads, and comments - I'm honored to have you!

Here is what had to say about my blog:

"From caregiving to cleaning house, blogger Joy Walker invites readers to join her on the journey that became 3 Years and 13Dumpsters. Moving and fun, this blog combines the joys and trials that occupy the life of a caregiver or family member of a dementia patient.

A blog is only as good as its creator, and this one shines with creativity, talent, and substance. 3 Years and 13 Dumpsters is a gem, complete with comprehensive resources for others seeking support for Lewy Body Dementia and Alzheimer’s caregiving. Join Joy as she learns even more about living, loving, and Lewy Body Dementia."

There are lots of other amazing blogs on this list and I encourage people to visit them for great info and support.

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