Monday, October 3, 2011

Expanding and Contracting.

I've started writing down a few of the ideas I want to incorporate into my second book. the story definitely didn't end several years ago when the house was sold and Dad was settled into Assisted Living. As seems to be normal with my family, many more strange and interesting things have occurred, and will probably keep occurring until Dad sloughs off this mortal coil. My life is inextricably tied up with his, and will be until the end.

I've really been thinking about expanding and contracting as the main theme of my writing. Since the events of the book and after, my life has continued to expand and expand in the most wonderful ways. Granted, not all of them have been easy-continuing to learn how to care for and deal with a parent with dementia has not been fun, but it has been life-expanding. Meeting my fiance has expanded my life in exponential ways-he's brought me the world in a way I never expected I'd have it. But with all of this expansion and growth, I can't help but see my Dad's life continue to contract.

We had to move him from quite a large facility, to a five-patient Adult Family Home. This has been a really healthy move for him, but it did entail slimming his life and possessions down even more. My Dad now owns pretty much what's in his room. He doesn't work, of course, or do any of the activities he used to do-he doesn't really go out much, and his main visitor is me and I can't be there every week. Dad's life has shrunk down to his room, house, and caregiver, and that's just how it needs to be.

I feel sorry for the fact that Dad contracted this terrible disease that's done nothing but shrink him and his life-that's why I'm committed to giving him the best life I can. And I'm grateful that my life has continued to grow and change, largely based upon the foundation of everything I risked and learned taking care of him.

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