Monday, October 11, 2010


It's so great to see new followers, and also to get notifications of other blogs like mine! Keep up the good fight, everyone, and thanks for continuing to read.

I had another visit with my hospice patient. It was earlier in the day and he seemed a little more energetic. This time the wife was leaving us to run errands; a family member would stop by in two hours to take over. She showed me where the emergency numbers were and the DNR orders. All hospice patients have Do Not Recussitate orders and I'm required to know where they are in case an ambulance needs to be called. The nature of hospice is Death with Dignity; no heroic measures are usually taken.

We decided to play chess again, and he roundly beat me the first game. The second game went a little longer, and I actually made a few moves on my own that he approved of! In the end, we called it a draw as he was chasing me around the board and was feeling tired. He did say, kindly, that I had the potential to be a good player if I really put my mind to it and practiced. I thought that was so nice and it encouraged me to keep playing! We discussed briefly the theory that women make worse chess players than men because they aren't as aggressive; but he was of the opinion that women ended up winning because they were safer and husbanded their resources better. Either way, I hope to practice on my own so I can give him a decent game without assistance!

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