Sunday, August 1, 2010


Just when I think Dad has finally past the point of being aware of the terrible things happening to him, something else happens and I have to wonder. His caregiver called me the other day because he was worried about Dad. Apparently Dad has been having what looks like dizzy spells and his caregivers were concerned so they called his doctor and made an emergency appointment, then called me. Why is it that you can have free spots in your schedule everywhere except for one thing you have to do, and something comes up that has to go exactly where you don't have the time. The doctor's appointment was, of course, right during something else I had planned! I managed to get there with Dad at the right time and we met up with his doctor, who is absolutely great and absolutely on my side where Dad is concerned. Dad seemed more dozy than usual and kept falling asleep during his exam, even when the doctor was talking to him. She managed to examine him as best she could, however, even having him walk down the hallway a couple of times. I was a little sad to see how slowly he was moving.

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