Friday, March 26, 2010

Lewy what? cont.

So everybody seems to know about Alzheimer's, I guess that's the face of dementia diseases, but Lewy body is just as prevalent. It includes delusions and aggression, hallucinations that the person swears are there. I think Dad had it all along, and while the Brighton people swore they knew how to deal with it, they were always watching Dad for more bad or aggressive behavior. I'm pretty sure he picked up on all the watching and it just made him act worse, or become more withdrawn. It's possible that people with Lewy body are better able to form new memories than those with Alzheimer's. It may affect speed of thinking, attention and concentration, and visual-spatial abilities more severely than memory and language. Depression may be a typical symptom, too.
I haven't been updating the blog as often because, thankfully, Dad has been happy and comfortable and there have been no crises. As I enter into Hospice volunteering, however, I'm sure I'll have many general stories to tell about the people and events I experience.

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