Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Pictures part 2

Walking at Green Lake one afternoon, he pulled out his little disposable. “Joy, go stand over by that tree. I want to take a picture.“
“Oh Dad, you don’t want a picture of me. You should take a picture of the lake, its beautiful today, so blue and calm.“ I said, trying to dissuade him.
“Why don’t you want me to take your picture? You’re a beautiful lady.“ He cajoled, fussing with his little camera.
“Okay, okay, just count to three, okay? Otherwise I look like a grinning idiot or my eyes will be closed.“ I joked as I walked over to the tree he pointed out. Just as when I was little, there was a delay; film needing to wound, a laggard flash, dissatisfaction with the pose and setting. I stood, smile settling into concrete, teeth drying out.
“Hold on, I think I’ve got it now.“ He said, holding the camera up to his eye.
“I just love these spontaneous photos.“ I said to him wryly. He looked at me for a second, then we both burst out laughing, camera momentarily forgotten.
A minute later, he grabbed my shoulders. “I love you, Joy!” He kissed the back of my head and held me for a brief moment.
“I love you, too, Dad” I replied, smiling up at him.

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