Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Caregiver Space.

This is a link to an essay I wrote for The Caregiver Space, an amazing blog/Facebook page that is all about supporting and informing caregivers, with lots of great posts, opinions, articles, etc.
In my essay, I talk about the benefit of support groups for those of us walking the caregiving road. I focus on my Lewy Body groups and how beneficial it has been for my members to be in a group of people that understand their particular struggle. However, I wanted to add that whatever dementia or illness your loved one, or maybe you, suffers from, a support group is a must-do. The balm, fellowship, and great info that you'll find there will be life-changing.
I urge all caregivers to find a group near you, and if there isn't one, and, tragically, there still aren't enough, check out the many on-line forums, chat rooms, blogs, and Facebook pages around. Memory People on Facebook is one such amazing group - it is a closed group but you just have to ask to join and someone will contact you.
I hope you go to check out my essay, but stay for the content and the comfort that The Caregiver Space provides. 

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