Saturday, September 22, 2012

I'm A Webguest!

Once again was kind enough to ask me to be on their regular Saturday morning webcast about the Caregiver's Journey. This morning I dragged myself out of bed at six o'clock for a seven o'clock start time (ten o'clock Chicago time!) and had a lovely conversation with Denise Brown about how it all started with me and Dad and how life is now.

Denise is such a thoughtful and generous host, who really asks the pertinent questions and she is helping me get my message of caregiver advocacy out there into the inter-sphere!

Thanks, Denise, and everyone please head over to for information, support, and ideas about how you can help the caregiver or caregivee in your life. Even if you don't know a caregiver, you can help one by donating to the work that is doing.

I invite you to listen for yourself to how good (or bad) I sound at seven o'clock in the morning!

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