Friday, June 1, 2012

The Many Costs of Medications.

This link is to a great article on the cost of medications for arthritis; both in money and emotional well-being. Although not all drugs for common diseases are this expensive, I think the same problem holds true for many. Medications that people desperately need to be able to live their lives are un-affordable. This has become a big problem for seniors on fixed incomes, but as the article relates, anyone can be affected.

I personally use one of the medications that the article is talking about - a biologic. These drugs are exorbitantly expensive, and since there are not yet any generics the drug companies can charge anything they want - and they do. I used to be way too poor to afford what many experience as life-changing medications so I had to make do with older drugs that weren't as effective, and I got sick often.

When I was finally able to afford one of the fancy drugs, it really DID change my life; my disease went mostly into remission, my pain decreased, and I was able to live a somewhat normal life. I'm fortunate in that my insurance covers most of the costs of these expensive drugs, but I still have to pay some of it. Every time I'm in the pharmacy, the pharmacist does a double-take when ringing me up! These drugs keep me going, however, and I have long wanted to do something to help those people who aren't fortunate enough to be able to afford them. Its appalling that these life-altering meds are not available to everyone.

As more biologic drugs are developed for dementia and Alzheimer's and other terrible illnesses, what will happen to those whose lives could be saved or at least improved? Are we going to continue to allow the drug companies and insurance companies to decide who can have a good life and who can't? I really hope not, although I'm not optimistic.

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