Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Sharing News.

I have only one parent left, and no grandparents. Obviously, that one parent is no longer with me mentally. When something big or exciting or hard happens in my life, I no longer have a parent to share it with, although I have a few wonderful friends who are always happy to share with me. It does, however, make me sad not to have a parent to share these moments with. The first time I was married, my mother was already gone, but my Father was still in his right mind, and even agreed to wear a tuxedo, in which he looked great, as all men do. He was intensely interested in certain aspects of the event, and was definitely happy for me.
I recently became engaged to my boyfriend, an incredibly special man. I'm very excited about it and immediately wished my mother was still alive so I could tell her. I then thought of telling my Father, and whether he would even understand. But in the end, I decided I needed to tell him, knowing, of course, that it was very unlikely that he would comprehend. My boyfriend, who has met my Dad, told me that he considered visiting my Dad and asking him to marry me, but decided in the end not to do it. It would have been a sweet gesture, and was a nice thought.
I took Dad to the doctor the other day, and as we were sitting in the exam room, I decided just to tell him, so I did. In the simplest terms, I told him I had a wonderful boyfriend and that he had recently proposed, and that we would be getting married. I told Dad how very happy I was. He listened to me, watching my face, and when I was done, he nodded and said something about how nice that was. I don't really think he knew what he was saying, or whether he was responding to my happy face and voice. I'm glad I told him and had a little moment with him, but I still feel a little sad that he won't really know what I was talking about or what's going on with me.

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