Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Great Stuff for Dementia Sufferers!

OMG. You have to look at the picture of this thing on Amazon. Such a great idea!

Alzheimer's-Dementia Activity Hand Muff Puppy

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The Alzheimer's-Dementia Activity Muff is a therapeutic hand product that provides comfort, warmth and activity to promote increased flexability and brain stimulation.
  • The muff helps to relieve boredom & anxiety about being alone. The wooden beads, ribbons and the soft squeezie ball (inside) are great for sensory stimulation. A comforting solution to those with "busy hands".
  • Made of cozy fabric, with soft smooth satin or faux suede pocket for personal essentials.
  • It also features movable marbles, strand of textured ribbons, loop of colorful wooden beads and a soft squeezable ball tethered within the center of the muff.
  • Machine washable.


  1. Thanks for the simple tips that we don't think about when we are caring with a love one with this disease.

    Dementia specialist