Thursday, April 29, 2010


Hey everybody, I'm back, sorry for the long hiatus. As I said back in March, Dad is settled and happy (knock on wood!), so for the time being, there's nothing new to write about his new situation.
I've begun a new chapter in my life, however. Two weeks ago, I finally received my first hospice posting. I was nervous and anxious: I've sat with the sick and the dying; I've lent a hand when someone needed it by running errands or whatever; I've even counseled and comforted people who were grieving or ill. This felt different, however, this wasn't a friend of mine who would excuse me for a misstep or wrong word or forgotten commitment. These are people in the grip of what may possibly be the worst time in their lives; either they, or a loved one is gravely ill and close to death. The situation can be chaotic and confusing, people coming and going and relaying all sorts of information. If I mess up here, the consequences could be very, very bad.

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