Friday, February 5, 2010

Personal Post

Well, stage one is done. On Wednesday, we successfully moved Dad to the new AFH. The owner kindly helped us with the move as we ended up being a man down on the day. It was actually a fairly quick process; we packed for two hours, deciding what to send over and what to throw out or donate. Del took Dad out for the day so he wouldn't get unsettled about what we were doing. Then we drove the short distance over to the new place and unpacked Dad's familiar bed, horrible oak headboard and armoire, and everything else. We hung the pictures and that was about that. It was a little odd, actually. I was certain when I moved him into Brighton that it would be the last place he ever lived. It was hard enough getting him in there, that I never wanted to contemplate another move. But this move was quick and easy, and a place that was his entire environment, his whole life, filled with the people who cared for him hourly, is no longer. His old room is empty, his new room is waiting.

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