Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Personal post

This is going to be tougher than I thought. So far I've visited two Adult Family Homes. Each was radically different from the other except for the fact that they were both in houses. The first one was in a huge house in Lynnwood, owned and run by two Phillipino gentlemen and their families. It almost seemed like a full Assisted Living facility, it was so clean and professional and organized. The second was at a much smaller house in Bellevue. While in some ways it was more homey than the first, it also seemed shabbier and the couple who owned it didn't seem quite as dedicated. Since Dad seems to prefer a male caregiver, we discussed whether they would have to hire another caregiver to accomodate Dad, which would drive up the price considerably. Even without that, they were much more expensive than the first, bigger house, leaving us confused. I guess the only way to get a better idea of what prices are normal is to visit a lot more places. Leaving me to conclude that this is going to be tougher, and take much more time, than I originally thought!

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